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Protector Light Socks

Protector Light Socks

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Durable paw protectors made with anti-cut material, designed to facilitate natural expansion and movement of your dog's paws. The perfect choice for hiking and training on rough surfaces.

The Protector light socks are specifically developed for dog-powered sports and hiking, but they are a great choice for all dogs in need of paw protection.

The knitted construction offers both comfort and breathability without compromising strength. The material provides high levels of cut resistance.

Elastic hook and loop fasteners ensure a secure fit and comfort for your dog. 

The Protector light socks are sold in packs of four. They are available in the color orange, in sizes XS-2XL.


  • Ground feeling: 4
  • Protection: 4
  • Fabric: Polythene, nylon, polyester, fiberglass, spandex
  • Elastic hook and loop fastener 
  • Color: Orange 
  • Sizes: XS – 2XL 
  • 4-pack


Max 30°C washing machine.

Do not tumble dry.