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Paw Ointment

Paw Ointment

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Let your dog feel the difference
Paw Care is a 100% natural paw ointment with a healing and preventive effect.

Paw Care is based on a skin cream that is specifically developed for humans with allergies and rashes. The cream was tested on dogs with a very good result. We have further developed this cream to a “all-in-one-ointment” that is long lasting and can be used year-round both preventively and on cracks and wounds. The paw ointment is permeable so that liquid from wounds can be let out. Since it does not contain water, the paw ointment will stay soft and not freeze, even at cold temperatures.
It is not dangerous if the dog licks the paw ointment, as it only contains natural ingredients. Lactoferrin and arnica are two key ingredients. Lactoferin is an iron-bound protein that can be found in, for example, breast milk. There are many health benefits such as stimulation of the immune system, prevention of age related injuries, promotion of healthy intestinal flora and prevention against inflammation and allergies. Arnica is a remedy that suppresses inflammation and sore muscles. Both key ingredients will help wounds heal faster..

We recommend:

Regular use of Paw Care will prevent dry and cracked paws.

Sand away hard skin regularly to keep the paws soft and good. Dead skin often causes cracking. A nail file can be used.

Should not be used in open wounds.

The dogs paws are exposed to strain from sharp edges, ice, snow, road salt, gravel and hot asphalt. For the paws to adapt to the environment they are going to be in, they should receive care throughout the year. Then the dog will not be uncomfortable and the paws will stay soft and robust.